New York State Worker's Compensation
Board Registered Diagnostic Testing Network (DTN) 



JAG Source is reimagining diagnostic testing in the complex world of Worker’s Compensation. We navigate and effectively manage the referral to billing process to ensure optimal outcomes for all parties. JAG eases the workload of strained medical office staff while creating ways to positively impact the bottom line of medical providers.

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Our Values 


We schedule patients quickly for the earliest available appointments, and seamlessly share information with all the appropriate parties. 


Injured workers have a difficult time maneuvering through the claims process and we look to ensure the human element continues to be the motivation of our company’s culture.


With a team of dedicated New Yorkers, and as a WBE we know the importance of making meaningful and valuable connections with our clients and communities across NYS

Increase Growth 

With NY at our core, while always looking ahead,  we are dedicated to growing alongside our clients and offering customized solutions to the changing needs of providers, injured workers and payers.


You can trust us. We value honesty, transparency and respect. We value our relationships and work hard to establish long-term partnerships

Industry Expertise

Our team has experienced firsthand the gap that exists in WC Patient Care and we are dedicated to helping close it.  

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